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Annual Maintenance

Special Package: Only $69.95  

Appliances need maintenance, checking and cleaning just like your vehicle. This keeps them in good condition and saves you money in energy costs.  It could also prevent costly damage, either in wear and tear on the appliance or possible fire.

Package includes:

1-Dryer and dryer vent cleaning,

1-fridge condenser coil cleaning,

1-microwave leakage test,

1-washer inlet and outlet hose inspection.

Rates & Dates

For all your home appliance repairs and maintenance

⌂     Special package price subject to change based on findings of inspection or any other work preformed other then that listed in the aforementioned Maintenance Package.

A.R.K. Appliance Repair Services

Now serving Victoria AND Cowichan Valley Area!.

 Appliance Repair

I make house calls to fix most major household appliances such as :

Laundry:  washers and dryers

Kitchen Appliances: ranges, dishwashers, refrigerators.

Minor Household Appliances: microwaves, portable vacuums, various power tools.

We all use appliances at some point during our busy every day lives, whether it's toasters, coffee machines for our breakfast, or ranges to cook our food...microwaves...the list goes on ....and lets face it ....who can afford to buy a new appliance when it breaks down?

I know I couldn't ...so why not just repair it?


Monday to Friday - 9 to 7 pm.

CanadaDay - Closed

Remembrance Day - Closed

Thanksgiving - Closed

Christmas Holidays - 23, 24, 25, 26, Closed

Jan - 1st Closed

Good Friday, Easter, Easter Monday - Closed 

Rates :

$45 for the first 1/2 hr (service call fee) -then $ 40 per hr thereafter.

​I accept the following payment methods;

Cash,​ Cheque, E-mail transfer